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Canadian energy companies eye new technological horizons as they emerge from COVID-19 crisis

Drones, artificial intelligence and virtual workspaces could be key cogs as industry looks to build in more resiliency

Commentary: The natural gas export boom — for Canada’s competitors

Canada’s potential to join in the global export surge was hobbled by activists, politicians and red tape

Missing out: Natural gas and Canada’s exports

As global demand for natural gas soared Canadian production, exports withered

Plastic partnership aims to find technological solution to plastic waste

Canadian companies team up in effort to find new life for straws, food containers and toys

Commentary: Bringing the facts back to Keystone XL

Critical pipeline project a symbol of the important energy partnership that exists between Canada and the U.S.

Commentary: Tyranny oil should be in the same category as blood diamonds

Attacks on Canadian energy sector ensure oppressive regimes will continue to thrive from oil and gas exports

Guest commentary: Strong oil and gas sector key for Indigenous education, prosperity

‘If we completely remove our Indigenous people from the energy sector, then we lose our voice within these areas’

Facts take Canadian filmmaker from oil and gas opponent to advocate

The truth about oil and gas, and Canada’s record of responsible development, changed Heidi McKillop’s mind about the country’s industry

Commentary: Myths and facts about energy subsidies in Canada

Arguments that massive government subsidies are fueling oil and gas sector are completely wrong

Canadian energy industry leading the way in tackling methane emissions

Alberta startup earning international attention for helping curb methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide