Partner content: Securing Canada’s energy future through an advanced workforce

Low-carbon solutions require advanced skill sets

By Energy Works Career Expo
Photo for Canadian Energy Centre

The global energy landscape is continually changing, and Canada’s energy sector is at the forefront.   

The energy industry is increasingly turning to low-carbon solutions that require a workforce with advanced skill sets.  

The Energy Works Career Expo will bring together industry leaders and job seekers from across the country to convene in Calgary from September 19-20 to connect, engage, and discover career opportunities in energy. 

“You have the opportunity to come and learn about the industry, because every company exhibiting is hiring,” says Jon Cornish, chancellor of the University of Calgary. 

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Collaborating with academic institutions and vocational training centers is critical to develop specialized programs that cater to the emerging needs of the energy sector. 

“We are always looking for educators, students and industry leaders to help our post-secondary institutions continue to grow this rapidly developing industry,” says Cornish.  

Encouraging young talent to pursue careers in the energy industry is a crucial pillar to build the industry’s future. The labour pool is shrinking as experienced workers approach retirement age, leaving behind critical knowledge and expertise that must be transferred to the next generation.  

“It’s so exciting to see the interest and incredible talent that is entering the industry, hunger to help solve our biggest challenges, but we always need more,” says Katie Smith-Parent, executive director of Young Women in Energy. 

“We have seen a large demand for diversity in the energy sector workforce. Although a male-dominant industry, there are more and more women entering the workforce and becoming leaders in the energy industry.”  

The Energy Works Career Expo is the only career expo specifically dedicated to making connections with job seekers to companies that are hiring in the Canadian energy sector, including oil and gas, electrification and utilities, hydrogen and CCUS sectors.  

This event is for everyone from high-level engineers to new graduates who are looking for employment or to find their ideal job. Every exhibitor on display is currently recruiting for roles in their company. 

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