CEC pushing G7 leaders to tell Canada to step up

Canada can help meet growing demand for responsibly produced oil and gas

By CEC Staff

The world is in an energy crisis. Tell Canada to step up.

That’s the message that will meet political leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States as they arrive in Germany this month for the 2022 G7 summit.

Global energy demand is rising – and so are prices. Oil and gas is in increasingly short supply – due to war, and to politics.

Canada can help meet this demand, with responsibly produced oil and gas for export to G7 nations and beyond.

That’s why we’re asking G7 leaders to tell Canada to step up and start increasing Canada’s supply of oil and gas.

The Canadian Energy Centre will advertise in the Financial Times (Europe edition) and New York Times (International edition) on June 27 in advance of G7 meetings to occur June 26 – 28.

There will also be digital advertising that directs to the campaign website, LookToCanada.com.

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